Visiting Hair Removal Expo 2014

A couple of weeks ago I visited Hair Removal Exposition in Birmingham, their second annual event and my first one to attend. Good fun day, great speakers and interesting seminars full of information and practical advice on body waxing from the world’s waxing gurus who flew in all the way from US and Australia.

And this year exposition started with a demo on male intimate waxing! No, it really did! We were around 60 people in the room, watching closely, with the images also being projected on a big screen of course, so that we can see in high detail different techniques on male intimate waxing, removing all the hair, front and back, not one hair left… just how I like it! All I can say is hats off to the guy who bravely volunteered to model for the treatment.

Everyone was really nice and friendly and I got chatting to many people, it was lovely to catch up with old friends and make new ones as well. There were lots of free samples for everyone to try, new and exciting waxing related products that I fell in love with and great discounts that made us all even happier.

There was one particular product that caught my eye, called Tu’el Clear It, a gel for treating blemishes, breakouts and ingrown hairs that is formulated with organic sulfur to kill bacteria and that promises to work miracles. I was really impressed with it and as some people are more prone to getting them, I decided to bring it at my waxing salon and make it available for everyone who needs help banishing those blemishes. I will also use it on my clients after each waxing treatment.

The wrap up debate at the exposition was a hot one… double dipping. Double dipping is where a spatula goes back into the wax pot after it has already layered a strip of wax on the skin. Common practice says that it’s alright to do so on a non intimate area where there is no blood spots and only using a metal spatula but a big no no for intimate areas. When doing an intimate waxing treatment only disposable, wooden spatulas should be used; spatula goes into the wax pot, layer the wax on the skin and then discarded in the bin and a new spatula to be used for the next application. It pays to have clean wax pots and follow Habia’s double dipping policy, it is hygienic and clients will notice and appreciate the cleanliness and high standard of presentation.

Photo courtesy of HRXPO