Men’s Brazilian Waxing?


Manzillian, Boyzilian, Back, Sack and Crack waxing, whatever you want to call it, male intimate waxing is becoming increasingly popular in today’s day and age as men of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and professions are getting rid of excess hair. Brazilian waxing is no longer gender specific, so that today’s man can enjoy the benefits of being hair free in the most intimate region.

Among the obvious benefits to waxing; it lasts longer and prevents razor burn, there are also other benefits that you may not have considered. Firstly, waxing is hygienic! Waxing in the pubic area has been performed for centuries originating in places such as Persia and India for hygienic purposes. The presence of pubic hair leads to germs, bad odors, and a variety of skin irritations, and waxing can prevent such discomforts.

If that isn’t reason enough to get a Brazilian wax, consider this – waxing causes hair to grow back softer and thinner. Because hair regrowth is very soft after waxing, you don’t experience the itchiness that shaving with a razor can cause. Lastly (but probably most importantly), you can finally wear that Speedo that your significant other bought you for your birthday without worrying about exposing unruly hairs. Case in point: get a Brazilian wax, you won’t regret it.