Male Waxing? For Real?

Male Waxing Treatments

Waxing for men? Absolutely!

Male Waxing is not only very common but keeps getting more popular as more and more men are looking to get groomed and pampered.
The days of a hairy back have come and gone and smooth is in style! Male waxing will give you just that… long – lasting, smoother results that men are finally embracing to the fullest!

So if you’re a man new to this world, here is what to expect…

  • You will be asked to remove your clothing, including your underwear if you’re having intimate waxing.
  • Your therapist will prep the area by cleansing and lightly oiling to protect the skin.
  • Wax will be applied with the growth direction of the hair and removed against it.
  • Finally a soothing lotion is spread on the waxed skin and you’re good to go!

Generally, waxing is not completely pain free, but the most you should feel is a two second sting.
A lot of guys are seeking intimate waxing – not just a bikini tidy up but a full on Brazilian or Hollywood Wax that removes everything.

Always find a reputable place as you definitely want someone very experienced in male waxing and not all salons or spas will offer waxing services for men.