Male Brazilian Waxing – Male Intimate Waxing

imageVibrant fashion portrait of a sexy muscular fit manToday’s man has certainly moved on from having just a simple haircut and a shave. Guys are now having regular grooming habits and top of their list is body waxing.

This hair removal method has been around for centuries, being more popular for women in the old days as we all know and gradually becoming just as popular if not more for the guys. Men are taking the liking of body waxing for its great benefits: long lasting results, being maintenance free for about 5 to 6 weeks, smooth and sleek look and last but not least that amazing feeling of being clean and hygienic. Can’t beat that!

Male Brazilian Waxing or Male Hollywood Waxing goes under many names, Back, Sack and Crack Waxing, or just BSC, Manzilian, Boyzilian, Brozilian, Guyzilian, men’s intimate waxing or male Brazilian Waxing, men’s waxing, Sunga Waxing, Californian Waxing, Manscaping and I could go on ( don’t worry, I won’t 😀 ).

Men’s intimate waxing treatments used to be the choice of models, swimmers and body builders in the past, however the trend has long changed and nowadays all types of men, from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes are having body waxing treatments like there’s no tomorrow.

Have you booked in for your first male intimate waxing or are considering it, but you’re nervous for what it’s about to happen? Well, I’ll tell you aaall about it.

On arrival, clients are asked to complete a consultation form. This is of course confidential and its purpose is to ensure there are no contraindications or medical conditions that would affect the skin once the waxing treatment has commenced. At this point any questions that you may have, feel free to ask and discuss with your waxing therapist what areas you’d like to have waxed or how much hair you’d like removed.

If you’d completely forgotten about that area in a while ( we’ve all been there ) and the hair is a bit overgrown, then trimming is definitelly recommended. As a rule of waxing, the longer the hair, the more uncomfortable the waxing treatment will feel. I say not to trim it yourself, I’ve had clients coming in for a waxing appointment having cut their hair way too short, it almost looked like it had been shaved. So let the waxing therapist do that for you.

A pretreatment will be applied to cleanse the area and a fine layer of oil on the skin will create a barrier between the wax and the skin – this is a small step, but very important in making the waxing treatment more comfortable. On the sensitive areas, like the intimate or underam, only non strip wax should be used, better known as the hot wax. Hot wax is more gentle on the skin, it sticks to the hair only and not the skin and it leaves the waxed area less irritated.

Using a disposable spatula, warm wax is applied on the stretched skin with the direction of hair growth, allowed a few seconds to set, as the wax sets, it shrink wraps the hair captured in it, then removed quickly against the hair growth. I always apply pressure on the area I just waxed for only a second to instantly abate the discomfort. The waxing treatment ends by applying a generous amount of after waxing soothing lotion that does what it says on the tin and by the time you would have gotten dressed, you won’t even feel you’ve just had your first ever wax.

A male Brazilian waxing should last around 40 minutes and the more regularly you have it, the longer lasting the results will be.

My clients are offered a complimentary aftercare pack, an exfoliating wash cloth that everyone loves and raves about and written guidelines on how to look after your skin after waxing, that noooobody ever reads. 😀

A professional wax will give your skin a completely hair free look with minimal discomfort and feeling great! I promise! 😀