Hollywood Waxing

Hollywood Waxing

Is it Only for Celebrities?

There is something out there called Hollywood Waxing and everyone asks what it really is. Hollywood Waxing is where all bikini hair is removed from front and back with not one hair left, you go completely bare! Anyone can get it…lol…and it’s very liberating!

Get it Done the Right Way

Make sure that you go to a professional for all your bikini waxing as they will make you feel completely comfortable while you are there and also make sure they use the hot wax, the one that is applied in a thick layer, allowed a few seconds to set and then peeled off.

Just as important is how sanitary the place is. One thing to look for is that disposable spatulas are being used and they never double dip them and also some type of gloves should always be worn.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Once you have a Hollywood wax, you never look back. This is something women always talk about and, out of all the bikini waxing options available, this one is by far the one we like best!