Healthy Looking Skin

When it comes to looking after our skin, there are plenty of beauty products and treatments available out there to choose from. But I always say it’s best to keep it simple as long as we do the right things.

Healthy Diet! You are what you eat! Yes, having a healthy diet is important and it literally shows on your skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be part of our eating routine and they can be delicious too. Watermelon keeps the skin hydrated due to its high water content, pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and protect the skin from ageing, citrus, high in vitamin C, help the immune system, particularly in the cold weather months. So enjoy the oranges, lemons, kiwis, broccoli and tomatoes and snack on nuts, berries, grapes and avocados.

Natural Ingredients! Make use of the natural ingredients … like honey, for example. It’s pure, natural and moisturising; use it when having a bath particularly if you have a sensitive skin.

Cleansing! A beautiful skin is one that’s properly cleansed because not only it will remove the make up but also all the impurities that come from pollution. Throughout the day the skin will pick up dirt, especially if you live in a busy city. Use the right products for your skin type and also don’t forget to exfoliate once in a while to get rid of the dead cells.

Drink Water! Last but not least, drink plenty of water, it will take years off your skin, it will improve your complexion and skin tone as water flushes toxins from the vital organs and carries nutrients to cells.