Brazilian Waxing

Hailed as the beauty ‘must have’, Brazilian Waxing makes you look and feel like a Goddess! It’s that fresh, out-of-the-box, sleek and sexy feeling that heightens your sensitivity and enhances your love life.

Using only Perron Rigot’s hot wax ( I would never strip wax such a sensitive area ) the procedure normally involves the removal of all hair front to back, leaving a small ‘landing strip’ on the pubic mound.

Firstly your hair would be trimmed if necessary (or you can do that at home to approximately 1/2 inch), the area is cleansed with a specially formulated lotion followed by a light application of Jasmine oil meant to protect the skin by preventing the wax from sticking to it. Next wax is applied, allowed to harden briefly and pulled off.
Finally a soothing gel is spread and a smooth, hair-free result should last you for at least 3 weeks.

Perron Rigot from Paris is recognised worldwide as the finest in depilatory products that provides a full range of solutions for every hair removal need.

Brazilian waxing is the wave of the future, it’s fashionable and chic, it’s hygienic and very popular; more women remove their pubic hair than ever before!