Body Waxing Advice

Ladies Body Waxing Treatments

The first step in keeping your body smooth and dreamy is to find a good waxing therapist that will make you feel comfortable and is a master at the job. As you can imagine, my preferred body hair removal method is waxing, I’ve always waxed, never ever in my life shaved or used creams; I simply love it. I always say waxing can give you addiction, it’s just too fab to miss.

Choose the right body waxing salon.  You will hear me say this a lot as it is so important… make sure the waxing salon is clean and the therapist practices a ‘no double dipping’ technique. The waxing therapist should be wearing gloves at all times, wash and sanitise the tools like tweezers, scissors ecc and change the couch roll after each client.

Ask about the wax. Hot wax is best for sensitive skin, so if Brazilian Waxing is your thing, then you definitely want hot wax. The same for underarm or facial waxing… hot wax all the way! It is much gentler on the skin and it adheres only to the hair and not the skin. I also like to apply a few drops of Jasmine oil after cleansing the skin to create a barrier between the wax and the skin and that will make the waxing experience a lot less uncomfortable. Speed waxing is done with strip wax, it’s fast and easy and great for large areas like the back, chest, legs.

Consistency is the key. Be consistent! Waxing is a process and you will get best results if you wax every 4 to 6 weeks. It usually takes a few waxing treatments to synchronise the hair cycles as the hair grows in a 3 week cycle and only then you will get the longest lasting results.

Follow the aftercare advice. Looking after your skin properly once you had your treatment is just as important as the waxing process… it will help the skin recover. I provide my clients with written guidelines on a card and an exfoliating wash cloth and I encourage them to exfoliate a few times a week and moisturise every day… it really does make a gigantic difference in keeping your skin smooth and glowing looking for longer and preventing ingrown hairs.